Jaime Lutz is a professional writer and comedian living in New York City. She is an improviser on Blush, a house team at the UCB Theater, and also is a writer and performer in the Masterpiece Theater parody comedy show "The Bride of Murdery Heights," currently running at UCB.

Her writing has appeared in outlets including Glamour, Above Average, Time Out New York, New York Magazine, Bustle, ABC News, The Boston Globe, Splitsider, Someecards, The Star-Ledger, Brooklyn Paper, WCVB-TV, and WBUR. She has a special love for obituaries, because life is a competition to be the last person standing!

She has performed sketch, improv and character comedy at the New York City Improv Festival, the Del Close Marathon, The Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, and in performance spaces all across the city. She also hosts a quarterly variety show at the People's Improv Theater called "Mixtape," in which comedians perform acts based around the songs of a chosen musical artist.

Upstanding Citizen

Jaime has never been arrested and voted in at least one election! 


Jaime can walk with a book balanced on her head!


Jaime encounters street harassment on an ongoing basis!