Want a website that's as pretty as you?

I can do that! I have four years of experience as a web developer and producer. Read on for some frequently asked questions.

Who is this for?

Artists, writers, actors, musicians, designers, and anyone else who needs a personal website for professional or fun purposes. I don't do websites for large businesses because they are generally more involved. Making a website for a business often takes several months of work and runs in the thousands of dollars, but there's no reason that websites for, say, comedians should be that expensive! 

The "secret" is that I code on top of existing CMS templates, making customizations that will make your page fresh and unique to you. This saves me time and you money for lovely websites that cost less than a headshot (and will arguably be more important to your career).

What tools do you use?

I prefer to work in Squarespace as it is the best and most customizable CMS platform available for design-focused, mobile-optimized websites. I can also work in Wordpress and other CMS services, but the result will not be as pretty simply because they're not built for this kind of work.

Can I see some examples of your work?

For starters, this very website, built using Squarespace! Also see Kiri Oliver's website for another example of what I can do on Squarespace. Check out Sarah Ann Masse's website for an example of what I can do in Wordpress.

How much does this cost?

It varies per job, but it generally runs about $150-$200.

I just have one small problem with my website. Can you fix it?

Of course! Reach out to my and I'll solve it for a rate of $25/hour (many of these fixes can be had in LESS than a hour). In the past, I've fixed problems ranging from redirect errors to domain transfers, from referral spam to mobile websites.

Use the contact form in the footer if you want in, baby!